About me

I am Sarah Julia Hutterer ♥ the girl behind this blog. I was born on the 21st of April in 1998 in Klagenfurt, Austria. I am a fashion addict, a photo taker, a traveller, an ocean lover, an artist, a yogi, a student, a sister, an aunt, a daughter and finally a blogger ad a passionate vegan. I love to stand in front of the camera, to work out, to do my beloved yoga, to constantly improve my skills, to enjoy as much as life can offer and to spread the vegan message. I want people to get on the vegan train but not because I force them to but because they see how much better life is that way. I want people to see that vegans are normal, loving and caring people who want a cruelty-free and peaceful world. And I want people to realize that if they become vegan that doesn´t mean that they have to be strange extremist but much more just who they are but in a more healthy, happy and cruelty-free way. Just like me. That´s because I still want to blog about fashion, because it’s one of my passions but I also want to educate people on veganism, take them with me on my journey and spread the vegan message. Go vegan for the animals, your health and the environment. Vegan for life.

I post about veganism (I´ll promise it will be interesting if you are not vegan yet or if you are already vegan), but I will also post about my second passion: fashion. I do post weekly on Wednesday at 10 a.m. (UTC+01:00). So safe the date 🙂

My background:

If you haven’t read enough of me then you can read a little bit background information to my person. At the moment I am based in Austria but nobody knows where the future will take me. I graduated from a Fashion School where I discovered my true unbreakable love for drawing and the entire fashion industry in general. Currently I am studying Media and Communication Science. You still here? Perfect, then let´s start in 1998 back when I was born. I was born into a world of animal abuse and cruelty but I didn´t know about it. I was raised on a “standard” diet with meat and dairy. I do not blame anyone who isn´t vegan yet. My entire family isn´t vegan. Sometimes it´s kind of hard, to watch them even if you would know how they could live healthier and happier, but I also wasn´t always vegan. Anyways, I can´t really say when it happened but on some point I started to struggle with “eating disorders”. I was restricting my calories to look good or I don´t really know why, maybe it just didn´t make a sense anymore. Food was no longer something I would enjoy. It’s just something I had to eat in front of my family so they do not recognize what I was doing. But they did recognize it, of course. I was sent to the school doctor and soon I became better in their eyes just because I gained back some weight. Within a year I changed from my restrictive diet to a binge eating habit. At this time I already was vegetarian. Not because I didn´t want to eat death flesh but I just don´t want it. However, I started binge eating and with it I obviously gained weight again. At this point I was coming from having around 68-69kg to 45kg and back up to around 66kg. By the way I am 168cm. Just that you get a bit of an insight. Then I had enough. I was in Scotland at the time when I really found veganism. I heard all this incredible stories from vegans who cured their eating disorders and that they know can eat so much on a HCLF (High-Carb-Low-Fat) Vegan Diet, I was mind blown. When I came back home it took me about a month before I told my mom. You can image that at the beginning it wasn´t what she wanted for me. But if you stay calm and talk to the people who do not understand where you are coming from and tell them why you are doing this they will accept it. Just stay calm and know the answers to every single question you might get. Even if those questions seem silly. Always keep in mind YOU also didn´t know. You also had to educate yourself, so they do know by asking you! After becoming vegan it still took me a while until I was n peace with myself. I was starting a workout regime which I was actually enjoying and not just doing to burn calories. I also started doing yoga and meditation. I had to mentally cure my mind from my depressed, anxious and unhappy way of thinking. How I said it took me a while even after becoming vegan to cure and I am not sure if I am completely cured now but what I can say is that I feel so much better now. I have more energy, I am less sick. I am mentally stronger and what is so much more important for me I do have something that I am passionate about. Something that is actually making sense. Something to live for.

I hope that I can get in touch with a lot of you guys via emails (itssarahjulia@gmail.com) or comments but make sure to be an active reader and I would be so delighted if you would follow my blog. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

XOXO Sarah


This Blog was established in April 2016.

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