About me

My Name is Sarah Julia Hutterer β™₯. I am the girl behind this blog. The day IΒ΄ve been born was the 21st of April in 1998 in Austria. I am a fashion addict, a photo taker, a traveler, an ocean lover, an artist, a vegan, a student, a sister, an aunt, a daughter and finally a blogger and a passionate yogi. I love to stand in front of the camera, to work out, to do my beloved yoga, to constantly improve my skills and to spread the vegan message. I want people to get on the vegan train but not because I force them to but because they see how much better life is that way. I want people to see that vegans are normal, loving and caring people who want a cruelty-free and peaceful world. And I want people to realize that if they become vegan that doesnΒ΄t mean that they have to be strange extremist but much more just who they are but in a more healthy, happy and cruelty-free way. Just like me. As well as I want people to realize that Yoga is so much more than just getting flexible it’s about mental health & accepting yourself the way you are. ItΒ΄s about getting to know yourself better and grow within yourself every time you step on the mat.

With that said IΒ΄ll hope you will enjoy the posts I already published as well as the ones of the future.

I hope that I can get in touch with a lot of you guys via emails (itssarahjulia@gmail.com) or comments and I would be so delighted if you would follow my blog. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. (But I am most active on Instagram πŸ˜‰ )

Lots of Love & Namastè



This Blog wasΒ established in April 2016.Β 

(And reestablished in August 2018)

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