February Favorites 2018

Hey everyone. Time is flying its February again! And here are my favorites this month.

1. Banana Pancakes – when it comes to food I am obsessed with these at the moment. Simply mix a banana, 1 cup of oats and 1 cup of your vegan milk of choice.

2. Sabrina the teenage witch – I used to watch the entire series the whole time. Now I am back into it.

3. Redecorating and reorganizing everything – This is something I always get into around February as kind of preparation for spring.

4. House of Night – I want to finally get through all the books because I really like them but somehow I don’t find enough time to read.

5. Overknee boots – I mean how could you not love them?!

6. Fake fur jackets – warm cozy and no animal has to die for it what else is there to say?

7. Shopping – I mean I am always ready to shop but I love to stock up on spring and summer clothes.

8. Morning meditation – it influences my entire day if I meditate in the morning or not. Try it out.

Hope you liked this post and let me know what’s your favorites this month? Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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