What I ate in 3 days!

Hey everyone. Firstly, I am very sorry that I didn’t post for two weeks but I had to reorganize a lot of my life but now I am back and I do have a What I ate in a day post but for 3 full days. Those 3 days are completely different, so I thought it might be quite interesting for some of you how I eat in different situations.

First day

Today was a relaxed day at home. I had nowhere to go and nothing special to do.

I start every day with a hot lemon water it’s very refreshing, it boosts your metabolism and you get in your first vitamins.

I also try to get in at least 500-700ml of water before breakfast. As well as a quick yoga flow to stretch out every part of my body.

When it comes to breakfast I love to eat a lot but still keep it easy digestible and light, so I mostly go for fruits. Today I had some canned pears, a banana and a clementine. Always on top: some cinnamon! As well as a green tea. Most of the time I go for the ginger lemon version.

As a snack I go for a small protein shake, vegan of course!

For lunch, I made myself some potato mash with some broccoli. For this I simply peel and cook some potatoes with a tiny bit of salt. Then I mash them, you can use a fork or whatever you have.

Now onto snack time. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I decided to go for some dark chocolate (85% cocoa). Just keep your portion size in mind, don’t go too crazy on it.

Dinnertime is here and lately I am obsessed with having porridge for dinner. Here is my chocolate banana porridge recipe:

1/3 cup of oats

1/3 cup of boiling water

1/2 tsp of raw cacao powder

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

1 slightly mashed banana

Mix all the ingredients but the water then add the boiling slowly while stirring.

Top it with another banana and some cinnamon.

Today I also had an orange along with it.

After my workout I love to get in another snack. At the moment I love to eat some pistachios along with some almonds and/or cashews and an orange.

Second day

Today I had to visit someone in the afternoon. So I would have to eat earlier and get ready straight after lunch.

After lemon water, yoga and some water I’ll have breakfast. Today I had two medium bananas as well as an orange and a kiwi fruit. Topped with some cinnamon of course. On the side, as always, my beloved green tea.

About 1 hour later I’ll have my Protein Shake. I like to get it in at this time of the day because it stops food cravings just before I get too hungry too early for lunch.

Later for lunch I made myself today a huge salad. And when I say huge I mean huge. I didn’t even manage to eat the entire one even though I can eat a lot of veggies. I just threw together some lettuce, some spiraled cucumber and some shredded carrots and marinated it with some lemon juice. I can tell you guys it was delicious.

Today I didn’t have a snack because I wasn’t at home in the afternoon. I do not necessarily like this because I like to eat often rather than getting so hungry and end up eating a crazy big portion. But if it’s not possible I am fine with it as well.

For dinner, I made myself the same porridge then yesterday. It is really my favorite at the time.

Snack time again after a nice sweaty workout. Again some pistachios, some other nuts and a clementine. I know, but I am this kind of person who loves to eat one thing so often then I can’t eat it anymore and then I would search for a new obsession. πŸ™‚

Third day

Today I wanted to share with you as well because today I will go out for lunch.

For breakfast, I eat pretty much the same fruit bowl then yesterday.

Also, the protein shake stayed the same.

For lunch, we went to TriVida. This is just such an amazing, lovely and delicious vegan restaurant in my hometown. If you live in Klagenfurt you have to check it out even if you are not vegan. I had the soy burgers with potatoes, salad an onion mustard. Soo good, one of the best dishes I ever had eating out.

As a snack on the go I had a cocoa maca bar. At this moment you might realize that I like chocolate. But doesn’t we all crave it sometimes?

For dinner? Can’t you guess? Right! Chocolate Banana porridge!

Workout time followed by snacking time. Where are the pistachios? The clementine? And some almonds?

Hope you enjoyed this post. Always keep in mind that’s just how I eat. That doesn’t mean its specially healthy or something. But I like it that way and it is definitely way healthier than a meat based diet! And I feel way better than back when I used to eat animals products. So if you do suffer from migraines, less energy or bad sleeping just try a vegan diet it might cure many of your diseases if you do it right. And last but not least I want to suggest to you Micheal Greger’s book How not to die because it is simply my bible when it comes to health!

Oh and let me know what’s your sweet of choice you won’t cut out of your diet?

Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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