How to make 2018 glorious

The new year has arrived, and I am sure you all do have your plans but how to achieve them?

Here are a few things I do to get the best out of every day


Call it meditation or however you want but first thing in the morning I stand up and listen to some motivational speech while sitting crossed legged on my bed with my eyes closed. I know that this isn’t the right way to meditate but it gets me going and motivated for the day.

Law of attraction

Always tell yourself that what you want is easy to get and that you will get it easily and fast. Behave like you always got it. Even if you roll your eyes right now. It works. Your mind plays an important role in achieving what you want. If you always tell yourself that its hard and you’ll never achieve your goal you most likely won’t achieve it.


Finds some workout you like. From running, dancing, walking to hard core HIIT sessions or yoga. Do something you enjoy. It will give you energy to strive for your goals and you may achieve your goal on getting healthier. And we are by my last tip.

Eating healthy

Your diet plays a big role on your energy levels. So put good stuff in your body. Best you go vegan, if you ask me. Anyways eat whatever makes you happy AND gives you a shit tone of energy and motivation for your day and your new years resolutions.

I hope those tips help you to achieve your goals and keeps you happy throughout 2018.

Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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