Follow me along: New Year in Vienna

29th December 2017

Today I woke up at around 6.15 am then I went for a 30min yoga flow before I had breakfast. After breakfast, I got ready for Vienna. Packing the last few things and putting on some nice clothes and make up.

In case you ever wondered how I pack πŸ™‚
And maybe you wondered whatΒ΄s in my backpack. Of course some food and books πŸ˜€
Here we go…

At around 1pm we arrived in the SCS where we went to Primark. We did some nice shopping before we drove to our hotel. We arrived at about 5pm. After unpacking we went for dinner and for a nice walk to Stephansplatz. So many beautiful string lights. I hardly can explain how beautiful it was so look on your own:

30th December 2017

I woke up at 7am then I squeezed in a short workout before we went to grab some breakfast. After, I got ready we went to the Tiergarten SchΓΆnbrunn. (Zoo Vienna)

Outfit of the day πŸ˜€

A really nice Zoo, and they are saving a lot of dying species.

Amazing viewΒ 

At around 4pm we went to the supermarket to buy some dinner which we had as soon as we were at our room. Later we went to the Stephansplatz again but this time it was sadly a bit rainy. When, we got back to our hotel we played some games before we went to bed.

31st December 2017

Today we had a pretty busy schedule after breakfast we went straight to the Sisi Museum.

It was wonderful even though I have been there in the past. Then we took a quick break for lunch before we head to the Haus des Meeres, (Aqua Terra Zoo) which is basically a giant aquarium, and even though I do not really know what I think about zoos and stuff like that I love to see those animals, and they do also help to protect species so it is not that bad.

View from the top of the building

Then we went back home to relax a bit before we got ready for the Silvesterpfad.

Dressed extra warm but it ended up to be quite warm outside πŸ˜€

Guys I can tell you it was amazing (if you want you can check out my Vienna Highlights on Instagram). Really a night to remember and a great beginning for 2018.

Prosit New YearΒ 

1st January 2018

Today we just had our breakfast at the hotel before we drove back home.

First picture of the year.
Bye Bye Vienna until next time πŸ™‚

I hope you all enjoyed this post and also check out my What I ate as a Vegan in Vienna. And I hope that you had a great start into 2018. It’s going to be my year I can tell you and hopefully yours too.

Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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