What I eat in a Day – Vegan

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoy those festive days before Christmas? Do you have your presents already? I am late as usual :). Today we are going to eat together. Yeah you heard right, I thought I take u with me on one of my typical days of eating. I am not saying that I have the healthiest and most perfect diet but I do try to put as much healthy foods in my body as possible. I eat as clean as practicable while still enjoying the food I eat. I do log my food on the app: myfitnesspal, mainly because I like to keep an eye on my macros, vitamins and mineral intake. I used to restrict my calories so I stopped logging my food for a long period of time but I just feel healthier when I eat right. I decided to log my food again but just because I want to nourish my body right without eating way too much or too little. I mainly eat between 1400 and 1600 calories a day but on some days it might be higher on some even less, depending on my schedule, hunger and cravings. I do not think it´s very healthy to eat exactly one amount of calories every day without listening to your body. What I want to say is: Listen to your body. He knows best how many calories he needs today. Never restrict your calories just make the best decision possible to feed your cravings. I also know two books I really suggest you to read if you are into healthy eating: Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, and How not to die by Michael Greger. Both are really informative and nice to read. If you prefer the more relaxed way of learning then I would say start with Skinny Bitch it´s written in a more funny and easy way. Now that you know the basics of my diet let’s jump right into it:
6.10 am: I drink some water directly after waking up. It kicks up my metabolism and gives me some energy. I suggest drinking some warm water or at least room temperature. If you want you can add some lemon juice.

8.00 am: For breakfast I either have a smoothie bowl or oatmeal. Today my choice fell on a smoothie. I mixed some frozen strawberries and added in some grated apple. With it I had another small apple, a banana, a bit of cinnamon and some roasted coconut flakes on top. Along with that I love to drink some lemon water and a ginger flavored green tea.

9.00 am: As kind of a snack or however you want to call it I had another tea. Chai tea this time with vanilla flavored almond milk.

1.00 pm: For lunch I had some kind of a “risotto”. For that I cook rice, beans, a small onion and some carrots in one pot. You can add whatever veggies you like. Mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and kale fit very well if you ask me. But I am sure you all have your favorite veggies you want to put in there. What’s your favorite veggie? Let me know in the comments.

3.00 pm: As an afternoon snack I had a protein bar. I like it because it fills me up without letting me feel stuffed and tired afterwards. I had the Jungle Banana one from max sport, which is 100% natural, raw, vegan and has no added sugar. It´s also free from Gluten, Soy, Grain, Diary and GMO. I am not paid to say that but I do love this brand.

5.00 pm: Now onto dinner. I had some cauliflower soup. For that I just cooked some cauliflower, some carrots and some potatoes together. Once they are done I mixed them (I let some pieces whole, just put some in a cup before you mix it) you can add some herbs if you like as well as the whole pieces and we are done.

7.30 pm: I love to treat myself after my workout so I always have a snack afterwards. I know I know it´s not the best time to have a snack but I do have dinner quite early and I do workout afterwards so I like to have a snack but I try to eat nothing after 8.00 pm. This time I had an apple, a Clementine and some figs.

I hope you liked this “What I eat in a day”. Let me know in the comments what you think about it. What’s your favorite meal? Do you snack later in the evening?

Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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