(Winter) Night Routine

Hello everyone. I did a morning routine once (if you haven´t read it and you want to click here) so I thought it might be time for a night routine. Even though it´s winter and I wrote (Winter) Night routine it´s pretty much what I do all year round. But anyways here we go:
Let’s start right after dinner. I do everyday a workout for one hour to 90 minutes at about 6pm. I like to keep it regular at this time because that way I don´t have to try to fit in a workout in a busy schedule and I just have my daily “appointment” where I actual workout! On Monday I kill my legs, on Tuesday my abs, on Wednesday my upper body, on Thursday my butt, on Friday I usually have a HIIT abs workout or an aero jump session with a video from Michael Olajide Jr., on Saturday I do some kind of cardio most of the time I do kickboxing or some days even some dance routines and Sunday it’s kind of my rest day when I just do a chilled yoga session. I don’t like to skip a day completely because I need this time in my day to free my mind and to feel happy and energized.
After my workout I get rid of my makeup (I know I should do it before my workout but YOLO, therefore I always remove my make up!). Firstly, I use some makeup remover tissues from bebe young care. I really like them because they really remove your entire make up even if it’s waterproofed, even if it´s some crazy Halloween MakeupJ. Then I brush my face with a facial brush from ebelin and some sort of facial cleanser at the moment I use one from Balea but I haven´t found a perfect one yet (so please if anyone knows a really good one please let me know). Then I put on some facial water which works against acne as well as some Azuela paste both had helped me so much with clearing up my face at least a bit (I still haven´t reached my happy place when it comes to my skin). Then I brush my teeth for at least 2 minutes and jump into some comfy clothes and watch some series while I do have a little snack (yes that late and yes after brushing my teeth but again YOLO) as well as some nice hot tea (at least during winter time).
At about 9pm I jump into my bed (oh and I love to have a hot bottle with me during the night) but before that I but on some facial cream and lip butter as well as some hand cream to keep me moisturized all night long then I read a bit before I fall asleep, which happens usual before 10pm. I don´t like to be up quite long at night time because I can´t really sleep that long in the morning. Even when I go to bed very late I could not sleep longer then 7am. However, I also think it is way better for your body and your overall health if you go to bed earlier. You will feel way more energized in the morning if you do so and wake up between 6am and 7am. Believe me!

I hope you all liked this post. If you did please like it, let me know what you liked or disliked and if you haven’t already follow me. Have you any suggestions what you want to read? A what I eat in a day? Or maybe a fashion post? I also would love to hear how you spent your evening. Have you anything special you need to do every day?
Lots of love
XOXO Sarah

2 thoughts on “(Winter) Night Routine

  1. I like the let the good times roll cleanser from lush , £7.50 for 100g. it smells sweet and has bits of popcorn in.it gently exfoliates, stimulates and leaves you feeling fresh and revived, with beautifully soft skin. Ask for a sample pot or try out the 100g . great routine and can’t believe you have the motive to work out for that long! haha x

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