Winter 2017 Bucket List

Hello everybody! It’s the most beautiful time of the year (even when I am just writing it I have to sing it in my mind). However, winter & Christmastime is here and I am quite happy about it even though I am a summer girl I really do love Christmas, itΒ΄s the most beautiful feast to spend a lot of time with your loved ones. I really love the entire time around Christmas, the decorating, the gift making or just wrapping, baking cookies I could go on and on with this list. I love it all! What’s your favorite Christmas/winter tradition? Let me know in the comments.
So I thought I would share my bucket list for this winter with all of you guys. Here it is:
– Making an advent wreath (it’s an Austrian tradition and I love it, of course nowadays you could just buy one but my family makes their own since I remember)
– Building a snowman (do you wanna build a snowman?! Yep that’s what comes in my mind when I write the word snowman)
– Light some candles (of course I mean I am in love with them not just during winter!)
– Put some string lights on (also something I am obsessed with all year round. I really do love lights, sparkle and shiny things)
– Decorate for winter & Christmas (sparkly, white and pretty)
– Buy or make Christmas presents (I prefer to make them on my own that way they are way more personal)
-Buy or cut a Christmas tree (a fresh one of course how could you cut a plastic one?)
– Go ice skating (all day long but in my hometown it gets warmer every year what makes it a bit more difficult to find a place for it)
– Read at least one whole book (from the beginning till the very last page even if you do not have a lot of time left for it. Make it a priority! Make yourself comfortable with a blanket, candles and tea)
– Have a snowball fight (even if you may get a cold, it’s so much fun. You want regret it, trust me)
– Set goals for next year (you have to know I am obsessed with lists, and goals ant all this kind of stuff)
– Bake cookies (vegan ones obviously, ginger bread, vanilla crescents and oatcakes are my favorites)
– Do a winter shooting (outdoor preferable in the snow if there is any snow of course)
– Spend time with family (like as much as possible)
– Spend time with friends (the rest of your time which is left)
– Catch snowflakes (with your tongue like a little child but hey it’s still fun right?!)
– Make a homemade (vegan) hot chocolate (maybe add some vegan marshmallows just because Christmas offers not enough sweet treats. Am I right?)
– Build a gingerbread house (yep every single damn year even if it’s just a tiny one. They are even cuter!)
– Make the house smell like Christmas (bake, light candles do whatever is needed but your house has to smell christmasy, if this is even a word? If not now it is)
-Do a random act of kindness (whatever it might be just be kind, to everyone)
– Sew something (I am going to make it a tradition to sew myself a Christmas dress every year. This year itΒ΄s my second one but I do have loads of other ideas!)
– Wear Christmas PJ’s (because they are cozy, cute, lovely, amazing and tacky)
I hope I did not forget something important but if I did please let me know which would be an important point for you. And who else loves Christmas? Hands up please! Hope all your hands are up. Yeah, I knew you like Christmas!

Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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