A day in my life + OOTD

Hello everyone. How do you feel today? Hope you are doing great. Today is going to be awesome. You know why? Because I am going to take you with me. There is nothing special planned but I thought you might just want to know how a normal day of mine would look like.
It’s the 09th of November 2017. I woke up at 6.30am I had to sleep in because I felt a bit exhausted the last few days so I thought I am going to treat myself but I still woke up earlier then most other people would. I just chilled a bit in my bed with my Smartphone till about 7am then I did a 30min yin yoga session to wake up my body. It just feels so great to stretch out your body in the morning to energize every cell in your body.
After yoga at about 8am I went to the bath and did my usual morning routine then I had breakfast: porridge (I like to use a smoothie or coconut yogurt instead of water or milk) with an apple and a banana and of course a lot of cinnamon. I also had a green tea and lemon water along with my breakfast (I am going to make a β€œWhat I eat in a day” another time).

After that I had lot to do on my computer for university. I like to stay on top of everything so I made it a habit to always work before lunch on that kind of stuff when I am not in university.
At about 10am I had to get ready. For my makeup I decided to put on some light pink. For the hair I made two little ponytails’ on each side (that way all my hairs are out of my face but still not completely out of the way). I’ve worn a black dress, black thighs and a pink sweater on top. Further I’ve worn a black coat and some black over-knee boots. If you want to know where each piece is from I put it in the end of the post. So make sure to check it out later.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Sorry for the bad quality :/ I forgot that I wanted to put it in the post 😦 Next time it will come a much better picture πŸ™‚

Then I had class from 12am to 1.30pm, after class I meet a very good friend of mine until her class started then I drove back home. At home I had my lunch. After lunch I just relaxed a bit while doing nothing special. Just spending some quality time with my parents.
At about 6pm I went for my daily workout: butt today. One hour I worked on a perky booty.
After working out I like to get ready for bed and then head downstairs to watch some series with my parents.
At about 9.15pm I called it a night but before really sleeping I tend to have this bad habit that I like to watch YouTube and then falling asleep while watching them. I don’t know but somehow it really relaxes me.

Hope you liked this kind of post. Let me know in the comments down below what you think about posts like that. Also if you have any suggestions for posts you want to read let me know.
Lots of love

Dress from H&M about 15€
Sweater from Tally Wejil about 25€
Thighs from C&A about 10€
Coat from Primark about 40€
Boots from Primark about 30€
Earrings & rings from claires and H&M

Aqua Serum from Balea
Lip butter raspberry rosè from Labello
Prime and Fine smoothing refiner from Catrice Cosmetics
12 h Matt Mousse Make up 025 light beige from Catrice Cosmetics
Camouflage cream wake up effect & 010 ivory from Catrice Cosmetics
Eyebrow designer o2 Brown from Essence
Lash & brow gel mascara transparent from Essence
Absolute Rose eye-shadow palette from Catrice Cosmetics (not available any longer)
White eye pencil 040 white from Catrice Cosmetics
XXL Volume Mascara from Alverde
Sun Glow matt bronzing powder 020 deep bronze from Catrice Cosmetics
High Glow mineral highlighting powder from Catrice Cosmetics
Fixing spray from Alverde
Brushes from Savisto & Ebelin

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