10 Essentials for Winter

Hello everyone, hope you are doing great. You may have noticed that since a couple of days I have my own domain. So a big YAYY!!! I am so excited about that. I also will try that from now on I will upload weekly at this time. So make sure to check in Wednesdays at about 10am.
But now let’s jump into the main topic: my essentials for this winter. And yes I get it I am a bit ahead of the time but I am already so exited for winter and Christmas and most of the items are also quite nice to have during the fall time as well so here they are my Winter essentials:
1. Candles: you always need tons of candles to light for the wintertime. It creates a cozy and lovely atmosphere. And they do smell amazing. They are also available in several wintery smells which is awesome.
2. Cozy Accessories: like socks, scarves, beanies, gloves, legwarmers, blankets and more. They are amazing when it comes to make yourself a cozy ambient inside and to keep you nice and warm outside.
3. Faux-Fur Jacket: a fashion must have for this season and truly warm and comfortable to wear. It also looks quite cute and you show the world that no animal has to die just because we want a nice and warm jacket!
4. Good Books: to read while it’s cold and stormy outside. I always love to read Harry Potter during the fall and winter time even though I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because of all the snow in the movies.
5. Over-knee-boots: another fashion must have this year and I am so in love with them. I literally wear them all the time. They match very well with skirts (paired with some nice thighs) as well as with skinny pants.
6. Hotty (hot-water-bottle): oh dear I love my cute little hotty. It keeps me warm and cozy all night long. And even if you just want it to cozen up in front of the TV or while reading it is amazing, especially when it’s cold outside.
7. String-lights: love, love, love. I mean I have about 10 only in my bedroom. And which season is better to decorate with lights then winter?
8. Winter/Christmas Decoration: I love to decorate for every season but most I love to decorate for my beloved Christmas feast. All the glitter, the lights and the coziness oh dear it’s so beautiful.
9. Tea: literally every day a few. It’s my all-time favorite beverage when it’s cold outside alright also when it’s summer. But during the wintertime I like to sweet some of the sorts with agave syrup. Just for the sake of sweetness during winter. You know to get in the mood for cookies. πŸ™‚
10. Winter Playlist: Last but not least I love to listen to music when I get ready and I always listen to music which fits the actual season.Β For now I love to listen to some Indie/ Alternative Winter Playlists which you can easily find on YouTube.

Hope you enjoyed this post. What’s the most important thing you need during winter? Also let me know what you want to read next. A outfits of the week? A day in my life? A what I eat in a day? Or do you have any other suggestions?Β Please let me know.
Lots of love
XOXO Sarah

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