Beauty Haul

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing great! I do not know how it’s in your country but in mine it’s finally fall. It’s getting colder and cozier.
But to the main topic today. I do have planned a little haul. I was at my favorite drugstore: dm. So I thought I can show you what I’ve picked up.
First I got some fake lashes from Catrice mainly for Halloween but they are reusable so I might wear them more often.
Then I got a black peel off mask from Balea. I really wanted to try it out since I heard from it. And I have tried it already it really works amazing.
Then I bought the fairytale shaver + some extra razor blades from Balea because I really needed a new one and I think this one looks really cute.
I also got a brow gel from essence which I already had a few ones and I am really happy with it.
Then I got nail oil from trend it up. I sadly do not know if it is good because I haven’t tried it yet.
I also got a nail polish from trend it up it do have one of the most amazing shade of blue I’ve ever seen on a nail polish but I sadly have to say I won’t buy it again because it has a really strong smell which I do not like. But I also have a lipstick from this brand which is one of the best ones I ever had.
I also got a nail file from ebelin. I am really in love with it. It really polishes the nails like crazy.
Next I got some facial peeling from Balea which I used a thousand times in the past and still adore plus it has the most beautiful raspberry smell.
Then I also bought a new concealer from Catrice that one who fights the black circles under the eyes and I truly can’t live without it.
And last but not least I got myself a 3-pack of wet-face tissues from ebelin which I always use for a quick clean up for my pencils.
That’s it I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. I just thought I share some drugstore products experiences with all of you. Which are your favorite drugstore pieces? And would you guys like a fall/winter fashion haul? Please let me know in the comments πŸ™‚
Lots of love
XOXO Sarah

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