My top 10 movies (at the moment:) !)

1. The twilight saga for sure I am so in love with the books but also with the movies. Most of the time I like the book much more then the movie but these times both are breathtaking. I mean its vampires and romance in perfection.

2. Titanic as the romantic person I am I truly in love with this movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are doing an amazing job. This movie is simply heartbreaking. As often as I have seen it I still cry every single time.

3. Cinderella the one from 2015. It is an amazing job of art. The dresses the locations it’s amazing. And I have to say as the Disney girl I am I do adore every single new screening of the Disney tales. Like Beauty and the Beast…

4. Romeo and Juliet from 2013 is also one of the best movies you have to see if you are in love with really good love stories. And Hailee Steinfield fits perfectly as Julia in my opinion. And I mean have I to mention that the fact that Douglas Booth plays Romeo is also really nice. And even Ed Westwick has his role in this movie. So itΒ΄s obviously that I have to love it.

5. All High School Musical movies. I mean how should this list work without a nice Musical. But I really like Grease and Hairspray.

6. Into the woods. If you have seen it I guess I haven’t to say a lot but it’s a perfect combination between art and musical. With some of the greatest actors ever.

7. Bad Neighbors 2 I do like the first one but the second one is amazing, funny and how can I just not love a movie with Zac Efron in it. I mean I can watch him what else has to be said?

8. Baywatch alright we are at the funny ones. So the new movie Baywatch has two of my favorite actors in it Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron and they running both half naked at the beach so I guess it is enough explanation.

9. Clueless. And honestly with it most of those 90’s movies like Mean Girls etc. They are all pretty amazing and I like to watch them over and over again.

10. And oh no I nearly forgot Harry Potter it would belong a bit further above on the list. It is my entire childhood packed up in 8 movies and 7 books. When I was little my momma always read it to me and when I was “old” enough I get to watch the like a hundred times.

Hope you liked my post. But it was veeery hard to decide for so few movies. Let me know what your favorite movie is. Lots of lov
XOXO Sarah

6 thoughts on “My top 10 movies (at the moment:) !)

  1. Picking favorites is hard specially for someone like me who is constantly watching something new. However a movie I’ve been thinking about lately is one called Safety Not Guaranteed. It came out in 2012 starring Aubrey Plaza. It’s about a guy who puts up an ad asking for someone to go back in time with him. Some people who work for a newspaper decide to go undercover to see what his deal is. At which point it becomes this weird quirky R rated kind of rom com? IDK but I liked it. πŸ™‚

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