My perfect morning

Hello everyone. Today I am sharing with you my perfect morning routine. IΒ΄d say perfect because I do not always have the time to do all of those things but I’ll try to get them in as often as possible because I believe that the way you start your day sets your energy and your mood for your entire day.

I’ll wake up between 6am and 6.30am. I was always a morning person so I do not necessarily need an alarm. But I like to set one so I do not sleep much longer then 6.50am because I would feel grumpy all day long if I sleep too long. Of course I do sleep in sometimes when I really feel like it but most of the time my body wouldn’t allow it.

First thing in the morning I’ll try to make it a habit to drink some water. For some reason I always forget it in the morning even though I have no trouble drinking a lot during my day. I like to drink at least 4 liters a day.

Next thing would be making my bed and walking around my room to make sure it is all cleaned up if not it’s the time of my day where I do a quick clean up. I also like to open my window during this time to get some fresh air in.

If I feel comfy in my room again IΒ΄ll do some yoga to wake up and get energized. I mostly do a 20 to 30 minute routine from Boho Beautiful on YouTube (make sure to check them out they do have an amazing channel) followed by a quick 3 to 5 minute facial yoga to tone up the jaw line πŸ˜‰ .

Next step I like to do some journaling. I just take some time to write down whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes I write down what happened yesterday some days I write down what is bothering me. Sometimes I even write like a little story or an essay and on a few days I even write a poem. On some days I plan my future, make a bucket list or plan an event. Then I always love to write down one single thing that I am grateful for like for my mother or simple things that I have a house to live in or that I have the possibility to get a good education. And last but not least I like to write down one goal for today. Just one thing I want to accomplish this day. It can be something very simple like meeting an old friend or reading for 1 hour or I don’t know what you guys may like to accomplish but by setting a goal you can easily achieve during your day you will feel amazing once you hit it.

Last step before we go on to the breakfast is my facial routine: 1. Washing my face with clear cold water 2. Put some anti acne facial water on 3. Use my anti acne pen on affected areas 4. Brushing my teeth for about 2 minutes 5. Put on my face cream 6. Put on some deodorant and I am ready for breakfast.

Breakfast. I love to get a healthy and vitamin rich breakfast in to set myself up for a healthy day. At the moment I am obsessed with oatmeal. I use 1/3 cup of oats and mix it up with a smoothie or sometimes with a little bit of coconut yogurt (I really like the one from Joya without added sugar). It tastes amazing. Then I will add a ton of fruits. Always on board is my all-time favorite the banana. And since it is autumn I would probably have an apple along with it and some small fruit like Clementine’s or some plums, a kiwi fruit, an orange guys there are plenty of options out there. On top I always put some cinnamon because cinnamon is life. Along with that I would have an herbal tea. My favorites are green tea, ginger tea or peppermint tea. But to be honest I am really in love with nearly every herbal tea I have ever tasted. And I also take some magnesium supplements after my breakfast. After that I am ready for my day. πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments what your most important ritual in the morning is which you wouldn’t want to miss in your morning routine. Also let me know what you want to read next.
Lots of love
XOXO Sarah

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