Back to school: Get ready for University

Hey everyone. So school time is already back so I figured it would be a good idea to share some tips and tricks to get ready for it with you.
This year I do not go back to school but I will start my time at university. I can’t tell how crazy this sounds in my ears. But however it is happening I am officially the first one of my family going to university. So I have no idea of what is coming. And besides one friend who already studies there I know no one. But I am so exited for this new chapter of my life.
But enough of me babbling lets go to the main part of this post. I like to stay on top of everything. I like it to be organized and I want to stay motivated and inspired during my time at university so I have to make some preperations.
1. I workout daily to feel vibrant and alive. (And of course to look nice in my cute fall outfits πŸ™‚ ) During summer I tend to work out more because I do have more time. So I like to go for a run 3 times a week in the morning and 3 times a week I do a bit yoga in the morning on my rest day I just do a quick stretch in the morning. In the evening I work out 6 times a week for strength. And on my rest day I do mostly some yoga because I do not like to stand still for an entire day. And at the moment I try my best to learn some of the calisthenics moves. So I like to train them whenever I do have time.
2. I eat healthily to keep my brain working and to stay happy and energetic. You may know that I am vegan. So I do eat mainly high carb low fat vegan diet. I also like toΒ get some protein in. My macros are looking like this most of the time: 70/20/10. I do not eat very often some processed food but I like to have once a day a little treat which is in 90% the case that it is also healthy and about 10% of those treats aren’t healthy but you have to treat yourself every now and then.
3. I reorganize my bedroom to stay organized and to prevent myself from not finding stuff I will need to study. I do some D.I.Y. organizing boxes which are exactly the measurements I need so I have a place for everything. For those boxes you just need some old cartons and some colored paper, tape, glue, scissors and a measuring tape and you are ready to go.
4. I redecorate my room to get something fresh and new in my room to stay inspired and not to get bored when I have to look at the same stuff over and over again. Just some little switches of the stuff I have and I like to decorate for every season. So for back to school season I tend to have my fall decoration on.
5. I buy myself an agenda to keep on top of everything from the very beginning on and I like to have a monthly planner at my desk so I can keep in mind what I have to do this month. As well as I have a white board where I write down all my important appointments in a row and also all my tasks for today and for the actual week.
6. And last but not least I stock up my fall clothing with the newest wearable trends at the moment but I love to be a bit dressier then some others. And I search on the web about hairstyles I can do very quickly. I try them before school so I have options when I have to get ready in the morningΒ and I don’t have to get stressed out.

I hope you enjoyed those little tips and tricks I do to feel ready for school. Let me know in the comments down below if you like this kind of posts or which one you want to read next. Also let me know if you guys have anything you have to do before school to feel ready?

Lots of love
XOXO Sarah




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