Life Update

Hey everybody so like you may have mentioned it has been a pretty stressful time of my life. I had my A-Levels and I also had to decide whether I am going to university or if I want to work. And if I go to university which one should I choose? Would it be possible to study somewhere else or should I rather stay in town? I am sure if you are in my age or older you also went through something similar. But however I really have to admit that for me personally this was way too much pressure. It felt like I had to decide over my entire future. Now I know it is not the end of the world if I decide after one semester or one year that this is not what I wanted I can switch my direction of life easily whenever I want. So I decided because of a lot of reasons to stay in town for the first time. It is a good university here. I don’t have to search for an accommodation last minute so its way cheaper and in this university it seems way easier to make a semester or year abroad. This is a big bonus at least for me and because its way cheaper here we can afford it better. So I think and hope that this was the right choice and if not? No problem I don’t have to stay here forever!
So what else changed in my life during this time? Firstly I want to address that now that my A-Levels lay behind and I am back from my vacation the posts will come hopefully more often. I will give my best but I have to admit that this can be more work than I ever thought it to be. I mean I knew that it will be a lot of work and I love to write to take pictures and to edit them but I also want to have my private life with family and stuff but I am sure that when I have found my routine the posts will come regularly just wait a little bit please.
Fashion wise I am really in love with shopping at H&M at the moment it feels like it has the most stylized stuff which is in my price category and it has really good quality. I will make an entire post on how my style has changed over the years.
What has changed about my diet and fitness routine? To be honest this is not an easy question but if you guys are interested about this please let me know in the comments down below. So I could make an entire post on this topic but just a few thoughts I will share right now. Firstly you have to know that I struggled a lot with my diet. I came from a meat and dairy eating past then I went vegetarian then I went high carb low fat vegan during a long time of my past I was so fixed on how much calories or fat something has so I did not think about the vitamins and minerals my body needs but nowadays I think I concentrate more on be healthy than anything else. The same with my fitness routine, since I started working out I focused on weight loss now I reached a point where I focus more on strength and building long and lean muscles. But as I said maybe I should make a complete post on this topic. Would you enjoy this? And what about a fashion update? Please let me know what you want to read next, either in the comments or per email.

XOXO Sarah


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