Travel Diary: Italy

Hey guys as you may know I was in Italy for full three weeks and I thought you may be interested in what IΒ΄ve done there. Most days where pretty usual. We cycled a lot and we were a lot at the beach but if something unusual happened I made a quick little note to remember. And here it is my Travel Diary. Have fun and enjoy it.

1st day
we arrived at about 11am then we went to the beach sadly it was very windy so we decided to have lunch. But first we head to the supermarket. I had some coconut and a smoothie. After that we went to the beach. First time in the ocean .Then we cycled to the agency for our keys and we had dinner at about 5pm. Spaghetti but a quite little portion. So we went to the supermarket again bought some snacks and water and went for a bicycle ride before we ate them. I had some crackers’ and a smoothie as well as a lot of vegan cookies. Very delicious, obviously not that healthy but healthier then some animal products.

Bild 1

10th day
today was everything different. In the morning we cycled to Sabbiadoro to try out the new bike way. It was fantastic. A hot but amazing mid morning. For lunch we made barbecue. I had brown rice with grilled zucchini. After a few rounds cards and a very short workout we hurried to the beach to see the Frecce Tricolore but they came a lot later so we were back home when they appeared. In the evening we made a biking tour ‍ to the harbor for a short walk and back home. Such a gorgeous day.

Bild 2
Always on the road with my bicycle

11th day
today was a bit rainy but we made the most of it. While breakfast we decided to go to the beach anyway because I and my mum would love to swim in the stormy ocean. After that the sun came out for a little while and we cycled to a supermarket because we needed something for lunch. After lunch we played some cards and I went for a workout. After my workout we went to Pineta for a little walk whilst walking the rain came and we waited a little bit in a shop when the rain went lighter we decided to cycle home. We went very wet but it was quite funny and to be honest once you are wet it is very beautiful to cycle in the rain. At least for me. After our rain experience as soon as we where dried we had dinner, then we went for a walk because the rain stopped and we also went for our cycle round .Then we talked until we went to bed.

Bild 3

13th day
today we wanted to go to the zoo but the weather wasn’t that good. So we decided that we will go for a ride and stop for different supermarkets to explore them after that we decided to went to the zoo anyway because the weather was nicer now. So we went to the zoo and after that we played a few games of cards before we had dinner. After dinner we had our usual bike ride.

Bild 4

16th day
today we woke up quite early because we made a shooting at the beach. That was quite funny and we shot some really nice pictures. After that we had our breakfast and then we went to the beach. After lunch we went to the beach again but a bit shorter than usual because we had to be back at home at about 5pm because at 6pm my sister her husband and my nice came for a visit and we had pizza. Alright I had a veggie pan but however. It was a very nice evening. We laughed we talked and we had a lot of fun. We also clinked glasses for my finished A-levels and I played with my sweet little nice. As soon as they were gone we went for a little ride and then we sat together a bit before we went to bed.

Bild 5
Some snapshots of the shooting πŸ™‚

22th day
Today was a pretty normal day but I got hurt by a jellyfish it wasn’t too bad but it hurt about a day pretty much. But whoever loves the ocean has to deal with all his beautiful creatures right?!
23th day
Oh dear! Today is the last day. But I shouldn’t complain! We have got a week longer than usual. However it is always sad to leave the place you love even though you are going home I guess. So onto the beginning of the day. We woke up at about 6.30am to pack, to buy some breakfast and to have our last breakfast in Italy because we have to leave at 10am. After we gave the key of our house back we drove to Bibione by car. Parked our car and made our last cycle ride for this vacation to the lighthouse which we do every time on the last day. At about 2pm we decided it’s getting too hot and we cycled back to the car and drove home. Ciao ciao bella Italia. I am missing you already but I’ll see you next year.

Bild 6
Bye Bye Italy

I hope you liked it. Please feel free to comment down below πŸ˜€ Lots of love

XOXO Sarah

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