Bikini Haul

Helllou guys. In two weeks IΒ΄ll be in Italy for holy three weeks. I am so excited about that you cannot imagine. I am not sure how IΒ΄ll make it with the posts but in every case you can follow me on instagram where I will post as often as I can. But back to the main topic. Bikinis:

Bikini 1

The first bikini is a very old one but I am sure I am not the only one who keeps at least one of the old ones because they are so comfy. It as a tropical pattern and I believe I bought it at C&A but as I mentioned before it is quite old.

The second one is an USA pattern bikini. I am really in love with it. I saw someone with a similar bikini one day at the beach and wanted it too so I searched on the web and found this one on Amazon.

Bikini 2

The third one is a really cute one. I really love the colors and the pattern and I am really in love with the knotted parts. This one is from H&M but also one or two years ago.

The fourth one is a very special one. I bought it two years ago in Scotland at Tesco. It has some fruits on it and it is also very comfy.

Bikini 3

The next one is a quite new one. A green one with high-waist and a lot of knotted parts. So in love with it. I bought it at H&M.

The sixth one is a quite simple black one also bought at H&M. I bought it last year at the sale but had no chance to wear it last season. So it is nearly new.

Bikini 4

And last but not least IΒ΄ll have a black one with a panty and a high-waisted panty to switch them around but I also love to combine a black panty with one of my other bikinis. All of these three pieces I bought at H&M this year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments which one would you wear?

Until the next time

XOXO Sarah


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