Summer Reading List

Hey guys. Summer is finally here at least for me because I finished my last year of school earlier then the other classes. So I thought it would be fun to share my summer reading list with you guys.

Summer reading list

I am not sure if I will read all of them especially because some of them are book series but I really love to have a list with a variety of books so I can chose from more than one sort of books. Some of those books I will mention are ones I´ve already read and some of them are books I really look forward to read. However let’s get started with the list:

1) First I have to mention the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. I know, I know many of you may roll their eyes right know but since I read it for the first time it was my most loved book I´ve ever read. So yes I have to mention it and yes you have to read it before you judge. I don´t think I have to tell you guys about the plot but in case there is someone who doesn´t know, just three simple words: “vampire love story”!

2) On the second place I`ve Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Another legendary fantasy roman. I also read this one about a hundred times but I still love it. I grew up with Ron, Hermione and Harry they are kind of another sort of family for me. When I was too little for reading my Mom always read it to me. The plot is a bit more adventures then a love story. There is Harry who is a wizard and attended to a wizard school where he has to go throw many adventures every single year.

3) Next Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. I also read this one it isn’t a conventional book. It is more a funny written book about veganism, health and nutrition. But I really recommend this to anyone out there. This book made me go vegan. So it was definitely life changing for me (to the better side J).

4) Next station The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. The girl I am I have to mention a Nicolas Sparks book haven’t I? A true, heartbreaking love story! I´ve seen the movie before and decided afterwards that I may enjoy the book as much or even more. When you love those kind of books I would highly recommend it to you.

5) Desert Flower by Waris Dirie. This one is also quite heartbreaking but not because of the love in it but much more because of the brutality and the unfairness. It is a true story written by an African woman who now lives in Vienna, is an internationals model and fights for Women Rights in Africa. It is a true story and in my opinion everybody especially every women on this planet should read this book.

6) And last but not least Paper Towns by John Green. This is a book I haven’t read so far but I really look forward to read it. This is the book I`ve choosen to read for the first time this summer.

If you guys know any good books then please share them with me. I really love to read recommended books and especially in the summer time because that way I really have the time to read books. Also let me know if this list was helpful for you. Lots of Love

XOXO Sarah

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