I am back ;)

Alright guys it’s been a long time where I didn’t post anything. I was stocked with heaps of books and learning stuff in my senior year. I am sure you all know this feeling when you have so much to do at school that you have to cut back on your hobbies. That’s exactly what happened to me this year. And I didn’t want to upload bad quality and quickly written posts so I decided to get a time out. But on the 09th of June I got my graduation certificate and I am finally done with school. There is a summer waiting for us packed with lots of posts and joy. So keep waiting I may need one or two weeks to set everything up but then I will hopefully have a regular posting time and you will have the chance to read something new on a weekly basis.

I am back.jpg

I am so glad that this time of my life is over. All this studying in the past few month where hard but on the other hand I am quite sad that this area of my life is over. All those friends, classmates and happy moments are now something of my past, something I can remember and smile about but they are not part of my future anymore. But I am sure I will stay in contact with some of them and I look forward to our class reunion.

When I look back on my time at this school then I have to admit that I had a lot of fun and amazing experiences. I had the chance to be part of several fashion shows. I had the chance to meet awesome girls who grew up to wonderful women. I had lots of laughable moments during those five years and I will never forget them. I had the chance to travel a lot with my school. I was in Paris, Scotland and London during the last 2 years. We also made some little trips like a sports week in Flattach and so much more. And I had the most incredible class teacher you can imagine. Even though there were some hard moments of studying all night there were a lot of amazing and wonderful moments I could experience. Class of 2017 I will never forget you. You always have a place in my heart.

XOXO Sarah

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