Photo Diary: New Years Eve in Vienna


I woke up at about 5.30a.m then I had a quick yoga flow and I had to pack.


At about 11a.m we head to Vienna.


Then we were at Primark until 5 p.m before we checked in.

For a little snack I had some potato salad with rice waffles.


At about 7 p.m we went to have dinner. I sadly forget to take a picture of it for you guys sorry.

After it we went to “Schönbrunn” to see the Christmas tree but sadly they had already closed the gates.



I woke up and did a quick morning workout. Then we had breakfast.


After breakfast we went to the “Schönbrunner” Zoo.




We also had our lunch in the Zoo.

Vegan Chickpeas Burgers with potatoes and pumkin at “Tiroler Hof”

Our dinner we had at our hotel during watching a movie. After the movie we went to the Prater.


At night I felt a bit ill so I did not have a workout. We went straight to breakfast and I had a smaller edition of my last breakfast.

the 3 stations of getting ready: Showering, Breakfast gear and Ready for the action 😀

Then we went to an Art Museum but I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures for you guys.

For Lunch we went to Lubella where I forgot again to take a picture of my noodle Pomodoro.

View from my room 

After that we went home and chilled a bit before we headed back to the city for the “Silvesterpfad”.



I woke up after about 5 Hours of sleep and had to get ready and pack then we went to the breakfast.


And we drove back home.

Hope you liked my post. Feel free to comment your thoughts down below.

XOXO Sarah

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