What I think about Christmas

Holidays are pretty hectic right? If you also get stressed out about Christmas then you probably never thought about what Christmas is! Christmas is a wonderful chance to spend a lot of your time with loved ones. It is the time for sitting together, talking and laughing.

IMG_6931 Kopie.jpg

It shouldn’t be about presents (don’t get me wrong I also love the presents but it shouldn’t be JUST about them) it should rather be about having a great time with your family. Nowadays everybody lives for themselves and we forget sometimes to do something for others. We forget how beautiful it is to make someone else happy.

I think Christmas is great. I love the lightning, the decoration, the candles and most of all the time I spent with my family. So if you don’t stress yourself out like crazy it can be the most wonderful time of the year. Just enjoy the time don’t make panic where it shouldn’t be.

And about the presents? I think you should buy presents (or make them on your own) which the person really need not some shit they will throw away a few weeks later. You should not throw your money out of the window you should spend it wisely and the person who gets the present will love the present so much more if it is something he/she needs.

I would love to read your opinions down below so feel free to comment.

XOXO Sarah

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