Back to school: Morning routine

Hey guys, yep the time has come. I had to go back to school. By the way that’s also the reason why I didn’t post anything for this amount of time. But here I am again and I will try to post as many as possible but I am now in my last year at school and I have to learn and do a lot. I just wanted to warn you.

back to school 2.jpeg

But let’s jump right back to the main topic. I had not much time to create a perfect post but I thought I´ll share my morning routine with you guys. Let´s start.

5.45 a.m. my alarm rings. I stretch my hands and get out of bed. About every second day I´ll brush my entire body with my body brush. After that I´ll go in my bathroom where I wash my face, put some skin water on as well as I use my anti-pimple pen and then I brush my teeth. I walk back in my room search for some nice looking clothes in which I will feel good today. Then it’s time for my makeup. And guys maybe I do an extra post on this topic? Let me know if you would like that. After my beauty time I head up to the kitchen and prepare myself some lunch, mainly some kind of smoothie. And then off to the car. Most of the days my mum drives me to school.

I know it just was a short one but I really do hope you liked it. Give it a thumb up if you did and I already plan some awesome posts for you. See you later.

XOXO Sarah

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