Back to school: Outfits

Hey everyone I just wanted to share two back to school outfits. They are quite breezily because at the time I shot those pictures it was pretty hot outside. Now it is getting colder and colder. Anyways, this is part 1 of the back to school series. I calculated some more and maybe one outfit posts with more fall like fashion. We will see. Let me know in the comments down below what you guys want to see and I do my best to do it.

The Girly

The girly.jpg

Here I wear a black tummy tee which has on the back some cut outs and zipped. Along with this I wear a black skater skirt and some white strap sandals. I also wear some tender golden earrings. My hair is quite simple I just have a site parting and then I pinned on each site a bit of my hair with a bobby pin back.

If this outfit is too cold to wear on your first school day just add a nice cardigan in white or black. Or another tip would be change the shoes into some converse and wear a dark red to purple cardigan.

And if you ask yourself where this beautiful place is, this is a botanical garden in Klagenfurt. Check out their website here.


The Sporty

The sporty2.jpg

This outfit is more sport inspired. All right, I wear a white slightly see-through shirt with a sporty print. Underneath I wear a white sport bra optic bandeau top with a black cuff. Aside from that I wear a white, ripped and high-waisted shorts. My shoes are also very simple, just some nice sneakers. I suggest to always wear white or skin-colored underwear whit and white outfit.

And if this outfit is to could for you, you always can add an light grey or another bright hoody. Β Or you simply switch the short into a long jeans.

And here I am in the Nock Mountains National Park check them out here.

Hope you enjoined the post. See you next time.

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XOXO Sarah

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