Body care routine + tips

Hey guys. How are you? I am fine hope you all too. Today I want to share all my body care tips and tricks with you. Yep, there are many little routines like morning and night routine but those may be extra posts if you would like them? Let me know in the comments.Β  This one will be about body and hair.

body care routine.jpeg

Let’s start in the shower. I love to use some moisturizing shower cream for my body and some rehydrating or repairing shampoo for my hair. Approximately once or twice a week I use also a conditioner and about once in a moth I use a repairing hair mask.

Beauty tips (9) Kopie.jpg

Next stop shaving city. Normally I shave myself. Sometimes I use hair wax or hair removal cream. But I wanted to share my normal routine. Shaving. I use a shaving gel and a wet razor. I personally shave my arms, underarms, bikini and of course my legs but this is up to everyone preference. Β And I always put some body lotion on my fresh shaved skin otherwise she could get red.

Beauty tips (4) Kopie.jpg

And after shower? After shower I put body lotion on my entire body. I also use some facial cream and some foot balm. So that they are soft and smoothly.

Beauty tips (12) Kopie.jpg

And not forgetting my nails. I do my mani-and pedicure at least two times a week but most of the time I do it every second day. First I remove my old nail polish, then I shape my nails if necessary and I use my allrounder nail file to varnish them. Then I put some nail oil on them and let it sink for a few minutes or if you have less time you can rub it in. Β Then I remove it and I put a nail hardener base coat on. I let it dry and most of the time I put a nail polish on top. Then you can use a topcoat and a bit of a hand cream and finished. The same on the feet. But here I usually add another step. I remove scarf-skin. For faster dry of the nail polish you can let some cold water rinse over your nails. That helps with the drying process.

Beauty tips (13) Kopie.jpg

On a final note my eyebrows. I tweeze them about every second day or whenever itΒ΄s needed. I use a normal tweezer. And for the little hairs I use a eyebrow shaver. I also like to use some moisturizing cream on the shaved part. So that this part doesn’t went red.

Beauty tips (3) Kopie

And that’s it guys I hope this post was helpful. XOXO Sarah



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