How to make your dreams come true?

Hey everyone. This time I want to share with you all my tips to achieve your dreams/goals.

How to make your dreams come true.jpeg

1.      You should always write down you goals. For example I have a list of goals for every year and a list for what should happen within the next 5 years. Writing down your goals makes it so much easier for your brain to realize them and if you read them regularly will become clearer and clearer about what to do next.

2.     Make and dreamboard or inspirationboard or however you want to call it. Just print out some of your inspirational quotes and pictures which fit to your goals and glue them on a big board and hang it somewhere up where you can see it every day.

3.     Work on your goals. You just have to work on them do everyday something that you think it will bring you closer to your dream. Before you make a decision ask yourself always will this help or will this destroy my dream?

4.      Realize how it could be. With this I don’t mean you should live in a world which does not exist but you should reach for the stars and you should imagine yourself there. That you fit in this life you want. I mean with this tip for example in your school you are not that notable but you still would fit in a glamorous life in the future.

5.      And last but not least enjoy your way. You shouldn’t live to get to your dream life. It’s probably the most important rule you have to enjoy the entire road and the dream come true should only be the icing on the cake.

I really do hope that that tips where useful. Write down in the comments whih dreams you guys have I would love to know.

XOXO Sarah

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