Vacation Lookbook

Those are some of my favorite outfits of my Italy vacation. I really do hope you like them.

Beautiful Biker

Beautiful biker.jpeg

Or the USA look. For our daily bike trips I love to wear something comfortable but also cute. So I decided to wear my oversized pale blue tank top with USA print. Below I wear a black bandeau top. My hot pants are also with USA print. For my shoes I wear some comfy flip-flops. Β My hair is as on so many days in summer braided.

Parco Trip

Parco trip.jpg

For our Parco Zoo Punta Verde trip I wear a white dress with flower print and a belly free section. My hair is braided in two french braids. One of my favorite hairstyles for hot days.Β  Further I wear some with sandals with some pearls on the front part. With me I have a beautiful fitting camera bag. Also with flower print.

Beach Night

Beach night

This is a quite cute and romantic outfit for a night trip to the beach. I wear a middle high waisted white pants with crochet work. My top has a flower print and is quite breezy. And of course some flip flops. It is just ideal for a summer night at the beach. And yep I have braids again.

Boho Girl

Boho girl.jpg

For this bohemian inspired look I wear a little black dress with a pretty simple pattern and an feather print. It is comfy and cute. I also wear a black bandana in my hair to hold them back. I also like to have my hair wavy for this kind of look. Okay I like my hair wavy in general but specially for this kind of style.

Let me know if you like this sort of posts. XOXO Sarah

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