A day in my life: Italy Edition

Hey guys. Yep it was a long time since my last post but as many of you may knowΒ  I was in Italy without any WiFi. Even soΒ I did some work and wrote some posts but what happened when I came home? Right my WiFi was broken so it needed a bit more time but here I am again. This time I will share with you how a typical day in my Italy vacation looked like:

a day in my life italy edition.jpg

First I am used to sleep quite long in Italy because I am up much longer as usual. So I wake up at between 7.30 and 8.30 in the morning. Then I do my morning routine which I like to keep quite simple here: washing my face, using face water, using anti pimple pen, brushing teeth, using dental floss, using my facial cream and some lip balm as well as I do a quick hairstyle usual some high ponytail or braids. After that we always went to the supermarket and buy some food for the day. If we forget something we only need about 5 minutes by feet to the supermarket. Back home we have our breakfast. I usual prefer a fruit meal for breakfast because it makes me feel energized and well-hydrated. We like to sit together and talk for an hour or so before we take our bike: Beach Time!!! After about 5 minutes biking we are at the beach where we normally take a long walk before we jump in the ocean. For lunch we bike back home. I usual have rice, potatoes, noodles or quinoa with a lot of veggies. After lunch I do a quick one hour workout.Β  I keep it short because we are already quite active here. After my workout we went to the beach again. Most of the times we take a shorter walk this time and then jumping in the ocean again. Playing, laughing and having fun in the water. When we are ready for dinner we drive back home, taking a quick shower. Some days we went to the supermarket again if we need something. For dinner I like to have fruits and some polenta or wholegrain crackers. After dinner we get on our bikes again for about 1 to 1Β½ hours. We love to bike to the harbor where we take another walk. After that we sit together enjoying the night until we get to bed.

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