A day in my life

a day in my life.jpg

I thought I will give you guys another post before I am in Italy. And this will be a day in my life. Today I woke up at about 6am and I did about one hour editing. At about 7am I had to get ready. Oh let me know if you would like a get ready with me or just a beauty routine where I mention which products I use. Β I also took some photos for this post. At 8am I went to have my breakfast with my parents. I had some quite delicious cantaloupe as well as some apricots and some bananas and of course as usual my green tea with lemon juice. And at 9.45am my mum had an important appointment. During that I went a bit of shopping. On this picture is what I bought:

H&M: PJs 7€; Nanu Nana: Flamingo 9,95€, Buddha 1,50€, Shell-jar 1,95€; Depot: Signboard 3,99€; New Yorker: Shirt 7,95€

After my shopping tour at about 11.15am my parents and I went groceries shopping for our Italy trip. Because we always take some food with us. And after that it was a quite relaxing day. We had some lunch which was some tomato soup with potatoes . After that we sadly couldn’t go for a walk because it was raining but we watched Angry Birds The movie it was quite funny but sadly it wasn’t the best quality.Β  Then my mum did some ironing meanwhile I did a bit of sewing. I have to make my dress ready before Italy.

For Dinner we I had a banana, some peaches and some polenta. After dinner I had my daily workout took a shower and went downstairs to watch some Royal Pains with my parents. I really love this series. But please don’t tell me something I am way backwards. And at about 9.30pm I went to bed. I know it wasn’t a very interesting day but it was a quite relaxing, normal and beautiful day of my life.

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