My obsessions at the moment

Hey everyone. I know I am a bit lazy with putting up new blog posts but as I said in the last upload it’s a bit stressful because I had finals at school. Blessedly they are over now. Just two weeks to go until summer holidays. πŸ˜€ So I thought I will give you some things I really love at the moment. I probably would say I am obsessed with them.

My obsessions.jpg


At first my workout routine. Normally I love to do some dance routines and some barre workout but nowadays I really love to sweat and to do some really good strengthen exercise. It makes me feel so strong and beautiful. So if you guys want to try a new routine, I would suggest to search on youtube some good strengthen workouts. But I always add some cardio at the beginning to warm-up. What I wish for the summer is that I do my stretching because I was a bit lazy with it lately.

Next topic would be in the fashion section. I really adore high-waisted jeans. Or any pants. As well as skirts. I nearly never wear other patterns. I also love to wear those low-cut shirts where you have to also wear a sport bra or a bandeau top. And of course I love all those cute dresses. But I would say the main trend I try to follow at the moment would be the bohemian chic.

Food. What food do I like currently? Oh that’s a long list but you may know that I am vegan so obviously I love to eat vegan food. But in this section I nearly want to eat everything my supermarket has to offer. But what I usually don’t like but I eat it quite often at the moment would be vegan ice cream: raspberry and nocciole. So tasteful. Furthermore I love my brown rice, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, melon… And guys I could continue for about three hours.

Next topic: beauty. What kind of beauty products do I use often or have I discovered? I think I will make a beauty routine soon but I will show you some of my favorite products right now. First I love my lip balm with sunscreen. It is so helpful primarily if you tend to get fever blister. What I also use up to two times a day is my soft body cream. Β I use it in the morning as well as at nighttime. I but it on sensible parts of my body. It is so refreshing and moisturizing.

And last but not least which books I read at the moment. As usual I love my Twilight Saga. That will never change but furthermore I am really into this Skinny Bitch series. They write so funny but also informational. So feel free and check them out. It was a big help Β for me to go vegan.

I hope you liked my post if yes I would love to get a like from you. Besides I would love to hear from you so feel free to write in the comments what are your obsessions right now?

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