Scotland – The first time I resides on my own

Hey there. I thought I tell you guys a story of my life.


Oh I remember it was definitely one of the best times in my life. But let’s start at the beginning. Last summer from 27th of July to 17th of August I was in Scotland. But why and how? So here is my story. At my school we have to successfully complete a minimum of four weeks internship that’s part of our education. But we also have the chance to take part by a program called ERASMUS+ which supports us if we decide to do an Internship abroad but within Europe. If you wanted to join this program you had to search for a workplace and an accommodation on your own or in my case with help of my English teacher. If you found one you have to write them and get an employment contract which you had to send to ERASMUS+. Then they registered you and you got a bit of money for flight, accommodation and food.  I was so excited that it really worked. I never ever thought that would happen to me but it did and it was such an amazing feeling. Anyway my journey started at the 27th of July and I was so over the moon.

My parents had to bring me to the airport in Vienna where I meet my classmate who came with me. We had a stopover in Heathrow, London and our connecting flight was delayed. But finally we arrived in Edinburgh where my classmates host family where waiting. They drove us to Perth (nearly one hour from the airport) and dropped me at my place. Oh god I nearly have to cry when I think at my host family. They were so lovely and likable. I was really lucky. I was a bit shy at the beginning because it was an unfamiliar feeling to live with a totally unknown family but I settled down quite quick.

Then the next new step we had to go to work. Our employer was a nice lady. Around 45 years I guess and really lovely. She had a little own business which she runs at home: tailored kilt making. How could it be more clichéd? I am in Scotland working at a kilt maker. But I have to say I really enjoyed the work. I couldn’t be happier. At work I learned how to make a kilt, how to knit socks with a knitting machine, how to knit in general. It was so informative. And at the end, let’s say our masterpiece, we was allowed to sew our own little baby kilt and a pillowcase. At which I still look everyday and smile because of the wonderful memories.

03.08 (7).jpeg
Making my own baby kilt 😀

When I wasn’t at work I explored the little city went shopping and just enjoyed my stay there. It was a totally new experience, I had to do all on myself and that’s something I wasn’t used to it. At home I have such a lovely and caring mum who organizes everything for me. So it was new to me but I enjoyed it. To be forced to do my own laundry to cook on my own just to grow up a bit more. And I really think I get more independent.

One day my classmate and I borrowed some bikes and we cycled a bit around. We also went on a trip to Edinburgh. Over there we visited the Edinburgh castle and the national museum of Scotland then we walked a bit around to the Royale Mile and went a bit shopping. But that wasn’t my last trip. I also had a weekend with a friend in London but I really think this is worth an own blog post.  Back at Perth my classmate and I already planned our next trip to Glasgow. Where we went to an Art Museum and circulated around in the city at the evening before we had to go back we went to the cinema. Yep we watched Magic Mike XXL :D.

Back at home I decided one day to go shopping in Perth. I also explored the river Tay which is just so beautiful. Next to the river there is a park. Everything was so beautiful green. I walked along the river took pictures and just enjoyed being there.  I also went to the Perth Highland games. I mean I was in Scotland so I also had to see that. I liked the Highland dancers most. They were amazing. A few days we realized sadly that this whole journey draws to a close. So we planned our last trip to Loch Ness. I honestly have to say it was icy but it was really one of the most beautiful shipping in my entire life. The water was so dark and mysterious looking. We also went on the ruin from where we had an amazing view at the Loch.

26.07 (98).JPG
River Tay

On the next day we sat at the plane back home. I was so sad to leave but on the other hand I really looked forward to see my parents again. Though it was such a great time it was a long time away from my loved ones. But I really learned so much and it was such a pretty amazing journey. I would do it over and over again.

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