50 facts about me

Hey there. I thought because this blog is quite new and nobody knows me it would be perfect if I do a 50 facts about me. Just that you guys can find out something about me so you get to know me a little bit. So there they are:

SAM_4615 Kopie.jpg

  1. I am addicted to Disney. I love to draw Disney characters, to watch Disney movies and I think you can learn so much from their quotes.
  2. Every year my parents and I go on holiday for two weeks to Lignano, Italy. It’s like my second home. I really enjoy being there.
  3. I love dolphins because they are so intelligent.
  4. I learn Italian at school but I am not that good at it. Yet.
  5. I love traveling. And I want to see as much of the world as possible. Or even a bit more.
  6. I fell in love with the ocean the first time I saw it. The salty air. The sun on my skin. Those are two of the most important things in my life.
  7. In summer 2015 I spend two months in Perth, Scotland. Where I went for my internship by a kilt-maker.
  8. During my internship I visited a friend in London for one weekend. It was pretty amazing.
  9. A few weeks ago my classmates and I made a journey to Paris.
  10. I am a Twilighter. I literally know each sentence of this movie in English and German. I also have all the books in English and German which I already read a thousand times I think.
  11. I am obsessed with Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Versailles. Those are the best series I know these days.
  12. I can’t get ready in the morning without listen to some beautiful music like Kygo, Indie or Deep House.
  13. I am born on the 21st of April in 1998. Those are the reasons why I love April and my favorite numbers are 21 and 4.
  14. I have two siblings. A brother and a sister who are both older than me.
  15. Since my sixteen’s birthday I wanted a tattoo I haven’t done it yet.
  16. Though I live in Austria I can’t remember when I lastly read a German book by choice. Except from the German lessons.
  17. As long as I remember I was attracted by America. Especially New York and Los Angeles.
  18. I am kind of obsessive with cleanliness and perfection.
  19. I do sport to be happy and well-balanced.
  20. I work out nearly every day. At least 6 times a week.
  21. I do yoga. To get calm and flexible.
  22. I don’t know when I ate meat for the last time.
  23. I am Vegan.
  24. I love animals and I would never ever hurt one.
  25. I don’t have a favorite animal because I like nearly all of them. But if I had to decide I would say gorillas and little dogs. I think.
  26. I love cooking. And creating new recipes.
  27. My favorite fruit are bananas. I truly couldn`t live without them. I couldn’t live without fruits in general.
  28. I hate people who do whatever they do just for the people around them.
  29. My favorite colors are all shades of pink and violet and I love to combine them with white or black.
  30. And yes I watched 50 shades of grey. Yeah, I love it.
  31. My favorite social media platform is Instagram.
  32. I love to stand in front of a camera.
  33. I like modeling. Even though I am not a professional model.
  34. I always watch Germanys Next Topmodel. Especially because I like Heidi Klum.
  35. I have two videos of myself running on fashion shows for my school. I took part at seven of those school events.
  36. I made my prom dress on my own. And I adore it. Since that time some people like to call me Cinderella.
  37. As a child I wanted to be a princess. Later a doctor, dancer, actress or Fashion Designer. Now I don’t have the foggiest notion. Maybe a professional blogger? Haha.
  38. I love to editing photographs especially of my own because I know exactly how I want the picture look like.
  39. I really enjoy drawing it’s the best activity to be relaxed and happy.
  40. I truly like to go for a walk into the forest. The smell calms me.
  41. I just can sleep well if I have a dream catcher next to me.
  42. I still have plush toy and I love it.
  43. I love being organized.
  44. I couldn’t live without my time planner. I would forget everything.
  45. I love spending time together with my parents.
  46. I love reading. It’s like you are in a totally different world where you can be everyone and everywhere.
  47. Sometimes I get upset by little things while I am still calm by big deals.
  48. I don´t like watching television because of the advertising.
  49. I am not prefect at all but happy.
  50. And at least but not last I really enjoy being me.

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